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Mushroom Extract, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil: Common Alzheimer’s Prevention Myths

A jar filled with melted coconut oil and coconut shell cut in half showing the white nut inside.

Many home remedies and herbal supplements are rumored to be memory aids for seniors. Although medical researchers are still searching for treatment solutions, many homebrewed prevention methods lack definitive evidence.  Common Alzheimer’s prevention myths, like mushroom extract, coconut oil, and olive oil, are not supported by substantial medical research. However, some memory care methods can […]

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How to Avoid Alzheimer’s with Food

A half drawing of a brain on a chalkboard paired with healthy food that supports brain function filling the other side of the drawing

Alzheimer’s disease can be scary and challenging to deal with. Finding the right community and lifestyle for your loved one can help navigate Alzheimer’s. It’s essential to practice good dietary habits in all stages of life but especially as you age. Let’s take a closer look at Alzheimer’s disease and how your dietary choices can […]

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