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What are the 7 Stages of Lewy Body Dementia?

A written word on white paper, a question asking "Are you at risk of Lewy Body Dementia?"

When people talk about dementia, they’re not referring to a single condition. Instead, dementia is an umbrella term for various progressive neurological disorders that tend to require a form of specialized care. The most common type of progressive dementia is Alzheimer’s, but coming up right behind it is Lewy body dementia (LBD). According to the […]

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Dementia Care vs. Memory Care: Are They The Same?

Senior person being assisted by a Memory Care staff while she is walking outdoors.

As someone considering memory care options for a loved one, you likely have had to wade through unfamiliar and sometimes confusing terms. What is the difference between dementia care and memory care? Are they synonymous or distinct from each other?  The answer depends on many factors, such as how far along your loved one’s condition […]

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How to Cope With a Parent With Dementia

A loving young woman comforting her senior father.

Dementia is a severe cognitive disorder that affects many older people, causing significant memory and communication impairments. Coping with a parent with dementia is not an easy task, and it can become a challenging journey that requires patience, understanding, and support.  As a caregiver, you may feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and emotionally drained while trying to […]

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Memory Care Move-In Checklist

A close-up of a woman who is working on a checklist using a paper and a tablet.

Moving a loved one into a memory care community can be a challenging and emotional process. Making sure that the transition is as smooth as possible is important–taking into account the unique needs of individuals with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.  We’ve compiled a memory care move-in checklist to help you navigate this […]

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How to Move a Parent With Dementia to a Memory Care Facility

A young man helping his senior father move in his new room at the memory care facility.

Dementia is a common form of memory impairment that affects more than 5 million Americans a year, and it can be difficult to think about it happening to our own parents. Fortunately, there are communities set up to help support seniors dealing with dementia. These communities and the care they provide are called memory care.  […]

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When Should Someone with Dementia Go Into a Care Home?

A senior man sitting at a table with small wooden blocks in front of him spelling out the word dementia

Lifestyle Changes for Dementia Many people with dementia can live independently in its early stages, but require more round-the-clock care as the condition progresses.  Aging in place has proven to be beneficial to people in the early stages of memory loss; however, the conditions must consider safety and health. Caregivers and their loved ones may […]

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