Respite Care at Fox Trail in Montville

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Temporary Care For Your Loved Ones

At Fox Trail in Montville, we offer temporary care for residents who want to try our community on a short-term basis. Respite care can also benefit caregivers who might need a short break from their duties, and provide temporary supervision for seniors after an illness or injury.

Whatever your needs, Fox Trail will make sure you are happy, comfortable, and safe in our beautiful community. Learn more about all we do for respite care residents today.

The Right Amount of Care

Our respite care program is designed to be flexible and accommodating for a diverse range of individuals and their families. We’ll work with you and your loved ones to decide on a length of stay that meets everyone’s needs.

Our respite care residents can also access the same amenities, activities, and events that all other residents enjoy.

Recovering from Surgery or Illness

Many patients require additional care after surgeries and other medical treatments. But they can’t always stay in a hospital, and their caregivers might not be able to provide the required supervision while they recover. Our respite care program gives residents access to the support they need while they’re getting back on their feet.

Caregivers have lives too, and sometimes their travel plans or professional responsibilities prevent them from being able to spend all their time with loved ones who have complex needs. Over time, these commitments can pile up and cause stress that makes caring for a loved one even harder.

Respite care offers a way for caregivers to take short breaks so that they can return to caring for their loved one when they’re refreshed. After all, self-care is important, too!

Respite care is also an excellent way for potential residents and their loved ones to try out a senior living community before making a long-term commitment. Since our respite care program offers the same access to services and amenities that all our other residents enjoy, it’s an excellent way to sample life in our community.

Learn More About Respite Care

Come find out more about what respite care can do for you or your loved one. Contact us now to schedule a visit.

Setting New Standards


We offer memory care for residents with cognitive challenges, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s. Our curated facilities and activities promote safe and meaningful activity.


All of our residents have access to our full range of services and experiences. We offer fulfilling, engaging, and safe programming to keep everyone happy and healthy.


We offer a number of activities, so every resident has the opportunity to join in on the fun. From on-site activities like gardening and bingo, to off-site events like going to the movies, we have something for everyone. 

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  • 55 River Road
  • Montville, NJ 07045



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